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Our approach to residential design and build harnesses specialist techniques and processes gained from our experience in the commercial world. From the moment you appoint Ranne as your residential D&B provider, we engage with you. This continues throughout the project to ensure you are kept in the know about progress, but freeing from the hassle of overseeing the work yourself. We evaluate your space and create a plan that works for you, considering what you need now and will need in the future. The Ranne team will manage your residential project with the same attention you would receive from a smaller firm, but with the more professional approach of a commercial organisation.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring you receive a top-tier residential design and build service, tailored to your exact specification, and at the cost that was agreed. We hate hidden costs. 

We also understand that your living space is of critical importance to you. Whether we’re working on a small-scale property, or a sprawling country estate, every square foot needs to be treated with the same attention to detail as the next, and the next. That’s why many of our clients return to time and time again to receive a high quality, specialist service.

And once our work is done and we’ve left the building, it doesn’t mean our relationship is over. It doesn’t end there just because your project has been completed. We aim to support you throughout, making sure everything is working perfectly, that you’re happy, and everything is exactly as you originally expected. Doing a great job makes us happy too.